Informatics Engineering Program Achieves ‘Excellent’ Accreditation from LAM Infokom

We are proud to announce that the Informatics Engineering Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering, Mataram University has successfully achieved ” Excellent ” accreditation from the Institute for Self-Accreditation in the field of Informatics and Computer Study programs (LAM INFOKOM). This achievement results from the hard work and dedication of all academicians who have made maximum efforts to maintain and improve the quality of education in our study program.

This ” Excellent ” accreditation is proof of Commitment to the Best Quality of educational services in the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mataram.

The Head of the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Prof. I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya, also gave high appreciation to the accreditation team who had prepared all the requirements very well. “This process requires effort and cooperation from all parties, from lecturers, and students, to administrative staff. This accreditation reflects the quality and standard of education we achieve,” he said.

By achieving Excellent accreditation, Mataram University Informatics students will gain many benefits, including higher recognition in the world of work and greater opportunities to be involved in international projects. “As students, we are very proud and motivated to continue learning and achieving even higher,” commented one of the student representatives who attended the announcement event.

This Excellent Accreditation not only enhances the reputation of the Informatics Engineering Study Program but also opens up wider opportunities for cooperation with various educational institutions and industries, both at home and abroad. We are committed to innovating and providing the best for all students and stakeholders.

We would like to thank all those who have supported this achievement. Let us together maintain and improve the quality of education at the University of Mataram.

With this narrative, we hope to inform and inspire all website visitors about the extraordinary achievements of our Informatics Engineering Study Program. Thank you for your support and trust.