The “Mawapres Tegeng” team from the Informatics Engineering Study Program, FT Unram, representing the University of Mataram, won the Gold Medal in the Division 7 ICT Writing competition in the prestigious Gemastik XIV-2021 competition out of 11 branches contested.

The Mawapres Tegeng team consists of 3 students, namely:
1. AISYAH KHAIRUN NISA (F1D018003) / @aisyahnisa16
2. NI NYOMAN WAHYUNI INDRASWARI (F1D018047) / @unichannn___
3. MUHAMMAD KHAIDAR RAHMAN (F1D018086) / @haidarrahman30

with Supervisor:
Dr. Eng. Budi Irmawati, S.Kom., M.T. / @yzakodek

This is the first gold achievement and the best achievement since the participation of the Gemastik team from the Informatics Engineering Study Program in previous years.

GEMASTIK or National Student Performance in Information and Communication Technology, is a program of the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. This program is intended to improve the competence of Indonesian students, so that they are able to take the role as agents of change in advancing ICT and its utilization, both while still in the study period and later after graduating.

In 2021, GEMASTIK was held for the 14th time with the theme “ICT for Indonesia Rise Towards a Better National Life”.

Thank you to the Supervisor for his hard work in guiding and delivering the team to win the gold medal.

Thank you also to the parties involved in this event, especially in making the Gemastik 14 Video, namely:
1. @andy_jatmika
2. @desyraardiani
3. @yuniarislamiati
4. @berliandaprl
5. @fredericho_madi
6. @robbyigfirly

Congratulations and success to the “Mawapres Tegeng” Team for the gold medal obtained.

Hopefully the Unram Informatics Engineering Study Program will be more advanced and victorious in the future by continuing to work. (AHJ)