Finalization of LKPS and LED Accreditation Documents LAM INFOKOM

Informatics Engineering Study Program held a workshop on Consultation and Finalization of LKPS and LED Accreditation Documents of LAM INFOKOM which was held on July 14, 2023. This activity is a preparatory step in carrying out the reaccreditation process of the Informatics Engineering Study Program. To prepare for the accreditation process, input is needed from sources who are experienced in the accreditation process, so it is necessary to hold workshop activities that discuss this matter.

The activity began with the opening by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Mataram University, Mr. Muhamad Syamsu Iqbal, S.T, M.T., Ph.D., then continued with the provision of the first material by the speaker, Prof. Zainal Arifin Hasibuan. The material presented was entitled “Revitalization of a Sustainable Internal Quality Assurance System, Towards Superior Accreditation”. The important points conveyed are:– Definition of National Higher Education Standards (SN-Dikti), Higher Education Standards (STD-PT).

– Relationship between SN-Dikti, STD-PT, Education Quality, and Accreditation.

– Formulation of Higher Education Standards and Determination of Continuous Education Quality Measures (Main Indicators, and Additional Indicators).

– Cultivating a Culture of Quality in Continuing Education through Accreditation with the PPEPP Approach.

– Study Program Supplement

In the delivery of the second material, the LKPS and LED documents that have been prepared by the Informatics Engineering Study Program Accreditation team are discussed. He gave important notes and also very meaningful inputs for the improvement of documents that have been prepared.

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