UNRAM, SNU SR, and Samick are launching S-Cube Center

Mataram University (Unram) in collaboration with Seoul National University Social Responsibility (SNU SR) and Samick are launching the S-Cube Center on Wednesday (1/2) at the Unram Dome Building.

The S-Cube Center is a follow-up to the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreed upon by Unram, SNU, and Samick. The S-Cube Center began construction in 2022 and is intended to provide training programs such as Korean language training and graphic design. The S-Cube Center is based at the Informatics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mataram.

The launching ceremony was also attended by the Rector of Unram, Prof. Ir. Bambang Hari Kusumo, M.Agr.St., Ph.D.; Chairman of Samick, Kim Jong Sup; Park Mun Seo Professor from SNU; and Head of the NTB Provincial Industry Office; and Head of the NTB Provincial Tourism Office Destination Development Division.

Prof. Bambang in his speech highly appreciated the parties involved in the process of running the S-Cube Center program until it could be launch.

“I signed the Unram MoU with SNU in August 2022 and now the S-Cube Center has been launched. So in just a few months, the S-Cube Center has done a lot of things. This is very extraordinary,” said the Rector of Unram.

The professor of the Faculty of Agriculture also mentioned that the S-Cube Center has currently graduated 75 training students who are members of the S-Cube Center program.

“Congratulations to the 75 students who successfully completed the Korean language and graphic design training at S-Cube Center. This graphic design training has produced t-shirts, tottebags, key chains, books, and others,” said Prof. Bambang.

In addition, the Chairman of Samick, Kim Jong Sup also mentioned that the students who are members of this program will be given scholarships.

“In the future we will add the S-Cube Center program. We will create a program called Lombok Hope Program, the name of this program was given by the Chairman of Samick Kim Jong Sup,” added the Rector of Unram.

Through the Lombok Hope Program, it is hoped that it will be able to help more widely on the development of programs that are beneficial to the community.Such as in the field of entrepreneurship, tourism development, and others.In addition to advancing Unram, Prof. Bambang emphasized that the collaboration carried out by Unram is to contribute and benefit the wider community. “There is no collaboration that arises without effort.This collaboration is one of the aspects that we must develop,” he said.

In the future, he hopes the S-Cube Center can become one of the largest training centers in Indonesia.

Narrated by (UNRAM Public Relations Team)